A Guide to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion


In the UK, there have been serious efforts over many years to reduce discrimination and prejudice, and the phrase ‘equality and diversity’ is quite widespread now.

The Equality Act was passed in 2010 and it brought together various pieces of anti-discrimination legislation. The Act forms the legal framework to help reduce discrimination in many parts of our lives to protect people:

  • In the workplace during recruitment and employment
  • In education
  • As consumers
  • When using public services
  • In clubs with more than 25 members

In the first section, we are going to look at equality and diversity in society. We will consider the definitions of terms used equality and inequality in society diversity in society, and respecting people’s differences stereotyping and labelling prejudice and discrimination, and their effects on people characteristics, identities and groups.  

The second section will be focussed on the community and the final section will be on the workplace which includes valuable information about attracting diverse and underrepresented talent, create inclusive job adverts, and inclusive recruitment practices you can action in your day-to-day activity.

Every effort has been made to ensure the content of this guide is accurate at the time of production. As some information (for example, legislation and government bodies) can change, we recommend that you check the latest guidance and advice to ensure your answers are accurate and current.

Inclusive recruitment

ED&I Training Handbook

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