NC Associates have worked with a variety of technology employers who recruit roles in Accountancy and Finance, Business Support, Engineering, IT, Legal, and Sales and Marketing.

If you have experience in the technology industry in one of these roles or would like to move into this industry with your skill set, our recruitment specialists will work with you to help advise and support you in finding the next move in your career.

The UK’s tech industry is booming, with it being the third highest amount of venture capital investment in the world, after the USA and China, with a record high of £15 billion in 2020. The UK’s relationship with technology is also changing, with 66% of people finding that they have changed how they use tech, which is no surprise considering there has been a greater use to communicate, socialise and work over the past few years.

Tech investments have also grown, with £29.4 billion been put into UK tech which accounted for a third that went into the European tech sector. This has resulted in an increased level of required trained technical and business staff in the industry, with a 50% rise in vacancies advertised at the end of 2021 compared to 2020’s figures.

Our team have an extensive background in the technology sector and in the evolving digital transformation specialisms, which means we understand how the sector operates and what employers are looking for. 

Get in touch with us today to discuss current and upcoming job opportunities.

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